Sometimes it's good to clarify what to expect on a shoot with me. So, I wanted to share a little of my style and approach to photography. I want a family to know who they are hiring when they choose me. I hate to disappoint, but if our expectations don't align, I may not provide the images you hope to receive. For example, rarely, if ever, will you see portraits from me in a studio. Babies in baskets don't often come across my site. I love portraits like those, and think they are beautiful. But, they aren't what I provide.

I try to get a feel for a family, for a couple, and I do everything I can to capture who they are in an image. I will talk to you during our shoot. When you are comfortable, something breaks down and you relax a little. This makes you look more like YOU in the image. I will ask you to tell me some of your story. I may ask you to whisper something in an ear, to not worry when your kid jumps in that fountain, to let your children come and climb on you... Sometimes, those images are pretty and posed and perfect.

But, often, they aren't posed. And neither is life. The laughter, the glances, the hugs - those are some of my favorite moments.

I will provide images for you and your family that are pretty and posed. But, more often than not, the favored images end up being the ones that capture your joy, your laughter, and the sweet tender moments between a new husband and wife, or a new mom and her baby. I didn't pose most of the images below. In the one, I was taking pictures of the mom alone, and her girls ran up and hugged her. All I did was ask them to look my way.

I know I am not the photographer for everyone. I don't want to be. I want to be the photographer for families and couples who are willing to be a little vulnerable in front of my camera. I want to be the photographer for families who usually don't like photo shoots but DO like hanging out together. I want to help you remember these amazing moments of your life - filled with laughter, imperfections and raw beauty.